Membership Terms


All memberships will be reviewed annually by the Management Committee. Renewal of membership will be accepted on payment of full annual subscription by 31st January each year unless otherwise stated by the committee.
Introduction of Guests

The Club premises are for the use of members only but a member may introduce guests to play Squash or Badminton. Guests may not be signed in more than 6 times a year.
No guests are allowed in the gym .It is strictly members only and all must have had a gym induction before entry is permitted. Only 8 members allowed in the gym at any one time.
Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests whilst on the premises.
Visiting Sports Teams shall be signed in to the complex by officials of the home team.

Complaints against Club Members must be made in writing and be brought before the Management Committee via the Administrator. General discipline of a member, of any class of membership, who offends against the rules of the premises, will be dealt with by the Management Committee.
Recommendation for suspension of a member by the Management Committee requires a majority of two thirds of the members voting.
Details of complaints made against a member will be made available to that member on request.
In cases of dispute a member may make an appeal in writing
to the Management Committee through the Administrator.


Sections shall ensure that a suitable penalty system is enforced if a facility is booked and then not used by a member, unless required notice of cancellation is given. Individual section rules to conform to this policy must be submitted to Management Committee for approval.
Management Committee will organise a yearly meeting to check on individual section memberships, budgets and Insurance Cover. If Sections are found to have non-members playing regularly then their Insurance will be classed as null and void.